Change of Name Deed – Adult

A change of name deed is a legal document to confirm your change of name and can be shown to the Home Office, Council, banks or any other agency which requires official confirmation of a change of name.

A change of name is important if you wish to legally change your name to enable you to be known by your new name on official documentation.

A change of name deed may also be necessary following a divorce or separation, where you may have reverted back to your maiden name or simply wish to change your name/surname.

If you wish to change your name or require a change of name deed, please contact me to arrange a appointment and I will be able to draft a deed for you at your appointment, to ensure that the deed is provided to you without any delay.

Change of Name – Child

It is important to be aware that you would require the permission of the child’s mother/father and all those with Parental Responsibility for a child, before a change of name for a child can be considered.

There can be occasions where the absent parent does not have contact with the child and that it is felt that the child’s surname should be changed. However you must always seek legal advice when considering a change of a child’s name as there are factors which need to be considered before a deed can be completed.

If you are considering a child’s change of name, please contact me to enable me to advise you further. A change of name deed is available on a fixed fee and certified copies of deed will also be provided to you as part of this service.

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