Can I start a divorce myself?

We may all be able to do a bit of DIY, however getting a professional means that you get the job done correctly!

Divorce proceedings can be conducted in a person or with a Solicitor, however it is always important to seek legal advice as a Solicitor can help you to complete documentation and even advise you about any financial matters which you may not have considered.

Do I have to go to court for a contact or child arrangement  order?

In short yes, however it is important to obtain legal advice because it may be that an arrangement can be reached through Solicitors, to avoid the need of progressing to court.

Although you may feel your ex partner will not co-operate, it can sometimes be helpful to instruct a Solicitor to help negotiate a child arrangement agreement on your behalf.

Can I do anything about my ex partner harassing me?

Yes, no one should be subjected to any abuse, whether this is emotional, verbal, psychological or physical. If you have received serious threats of harm, you must report this to the Police and seek urgent legal advice with regards to applying for an injunction.

What is mediation?

Mediation is an opportunity for you to discuss the issues which you may not be able to agree with your ex partner. This can be about children and or finances and it allows you to discuss matters in the presence of a neutral third party. This can be helpful if you believe that an agreement could be reached between you both, with the help of a third party.

You can refer yourself to Mediation, if this is suitable or seek advice from a Solicitor or can discuss this with you and make a referral if this is appropriate.

Do you offer fixed fees?

Yes I can offer fixed fees in some cases.  I offer fixed fee divorces which includes the drafting of all documents and any face to face meetings.

In some cases, I charge an hourly rate and I can provide you with an estimate of costs.

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