How much will it cost me to divorce?

The cost of a divorce in the UK can depend upon whether there are financial matters to consider, such as a division of marital assets or whether you are seeking a simple divorce.

You can instruct a Solicitor to help you to apply for a divorce on a fixed fee basis. This means that you pay the Solicitor a set fee to assist you with a divorce so that you know the cost upfront.

The fixed fee will then include the drafting of the divorce petition and the court documentation, as well as any meetings to go through the necessary paperwork.

This can be very helpful to ensures that the documentation is completed correctly to prevent delays with the application.

There is a court fee of £550 to issue a divorce petition, which is the Court’s own fee to issue a petition. This would be in addition to any Solicitors fees.

If you are on a lower income, you could apply to be exempt from paying this fee. A Solicitor can help you to apply for a fee remission.

For more information follow the link below on information relating to fee remissions:

A fixed fee can help you to budget your costs and ensure that you receive the necessary legal advice that you may require prior to starting proceedings.

If there are matrimonial assets then a Solicitor can assist you to negotiate a financial settlement, as this can be considered alongside divorce proceedings.

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